Silver Bullion

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silverYears ago, it was considered safe to invest your money in traditional ways but nowadays there are many reasons why investors are not putting money into the housing and stock markets and quite naturally this is understandable. Money that is invested in a bank brings very little return so that is one reason why those with cash to invest are buying precious metals. The price of silver per ounce has risen dramatically in recent months, silver is becoming a good way of investing and the prices of silver bullion are affected by supply and demand.

How To Buy Silver Bullion

If you have decided that you are going to purchase silver bullion to add to your investment portfolio, then you will need to know some informative details. You will need to make contact with a reputable silver assayer such as Regal Assets. Precious metal investors need to determine how much cash they are going to spend buying bullion; hence they will need to know the current silver prices. Silver is sold per troy ounce and bullion bars are made in varying sizes. Inexperienced precious metal investors should seek advice from experts in the field before purchasing silver bullion.

Where To Buy Silver Bullion

You can buy silver bars online or you can purchase this precious metal from reputable dealers. Before you buy silver bars ensure that you arrange a safe storage place for the precious metal. Silver prices change on a daily basis so you need to keep abreast of the current spot prices in order to secure a good deal. Many investors like to purchase silver bars from highly reputable dealers such as Regal Assets. Reliable precious metal dealers will have a long list of very satisfied customers so if you get a good deal then it pays to pass word on to other investors.

Available Silver Bullion Coins

A percentage of people who invest in precious metal buy silver coins to add to their portfolio. The Silver Morgan dollar is highly collectible; this coin was designed in 1878 by George Morgan. The Silver Morgan dollar is a heavy coin and in total it contains 0.77344 oz of pure silver. Lady Liberty is on one side of this silver coin and on the other side you will see a bald eagle sitting on a branch.

The Peace dollar is another favorite coin that is collected for investment purposes, this coin was the successor to the Morgan dollar and the coin was minted to commemorate peace at the end of World War One. Yet again Liberty is on the obverse side of the coin but on the reverse side of the coin you note that the eagle is sat in front of the sun rays.

The silver proof coins are considered collectible and indeed they are classed as legal tender but in reality they were never meant for spending. Silver proof coins were made as far back as the mid 1800’s and sets of the proof coins were usually purchased by coin collectors.

Junk silver coins are another way of investing in precious metals, this type of coinage is primarily purchased for the value of the silver content. Some decades ago numerous coins that contained silver were removed from circulation, some were melted but a certain percentage are still in existence and today these are sold as junk coins.

Those who are thinking of investing in silver coinage need to discuss their needs with reputable silver coin dealers, naturally some coins are better investments than others so it pays to listen to the experts. A high percentage of citizens are investing in precious metals because they see it as a safe way forward.



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